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” The essence of perfume in relation to the Eau de perfume is like a work of art haute 


compared with an article of clothing ready to wear.”

Essence of Perfume

The essence of the perfume smell is powerful, but non-aggressive.

It contains up to 40% of pure perfume oils, while perfumed waters contain up to 18% of (and usually much less). This gives an extremely powerful odour, which develops scents slower and longer stays on – clearly the essence feel, even around the clock, and the clothes of the person who wore this type of perfume, smell even for a few days. This does not mean, however, that the woman feel so scented from afar. On the contrary – the essence of the perfume is a very intimate and sophisticated fragrance.

The essence of perfume smells different on each.

Applying the essence does not smell as in the bottle. By penetrating the skin, slowly adapting to its natural odor. At each release fragrances in a unique way. Hence the saying that good smell of perfume are not suitable woman, a woman gives the smell of perfume.

The essence of perfume is like a good wine, the longer it is, the more beautiful smells.

But keep in mind that the essence of the perfume does not like the sun. Left long in the sun loses its properties and shorter stays on.

Version Travel, friendly to women and their needs.

The essence of the perfume smell 3G corresponds most expensive and desirable odors of the world. However, it is very affordable, and 30 ml of perfume replaces 300 ml Eau de Parfum. Her performance delights, and the smell lasts up to several hοurs till all day after one spray. Its fragrance seduces on cloths a few days after one spray

The packaging has been designed so that you could take them with you anywhere. No worries about that bottle is broken, or shake, and pour out the essence of the cause.

30ml perfume essence you can safely take with you even board the plane, we should remember that this corresponds to the traditional 300 ml Eau de Parfum. For this package is light and plastic.


Nanotechnology and inaccessible becomes available

This is the latest technology that has already won the hearts of Americans, and now reached the Europeans. It is a product that has already stormed the American market and is now starting to conquer the European market.Thanks to its use 3G only received the essence for the price.

3G Magnetic Perfume is an essence a new generation of ultra-modern technology made in the process of nanotechnology.

The use of nanotechnology in the production of the essence of 3G enabled obtaining condensed so that their scents growing longer and more beautiful than the Eau de Parfum.

This is a real breakthrough in the industry of perfum makers.

Perfume essences are very expensive and luxurious perfume by what previously were only available to selected. The use of nanotechnology in the production of the essence of 3G enabled to receive such condensed perfume at an affordable price.
Now your favorite smell, you can select in the form of essences and perfumes and enjoy it throughout the day without having more applications. Believe us – one spray is enough to seduce you smell for several hours, till all day.

The essence of perfume 3G is “sexy like slippers on pins and needles, and also comfortable as a pair of moccasins Toda.” Its fragrance seduces on cloths a few days after one spray and convenient packaging makes you have it always with you. Do you want more?

Perfume Rules

Here rules the simple rule: the higher the content of essential oils, the better the quality of the product – and hence – the higher the price.

The essence of perfume (essence de parfum) , the most essential specifics contain from 22 to 40% essential oils . They are considered the most precious because of the enormous productivity – perfume remains a very long time, even a few days.

In essence it is a 3G perfume scent depending from 30 to 40%.

EDP (eau de parfum). From 10 to 18% of its essential oils content is, An important advantage of perfumed waters is the fact that they are cheaper than the essence and perfume on the market.

Eau de Toilette (eau de toilette) is the most popular cosmetic fragrance. It is composed of 4 to 12% essential oils , fragrances which release for several hours. It is far lighter than eau de parfum. Typically, however, you need to be used several times a day.

Colognes (eau de cologne) contains less perfume oil, because only 3 to 5%, so it has a delicate scent of cologne. It can be applied several times a day.

Refreshing water (eau fraiche) has the lowest content of pure fragrances (1 – 3%), because – as the name suggests – only serves to gently refresh, and does not confer long-lasting fragrance.

Travel Pack

Travel Pack storm captured the hearts of customers in the United States, and is now available also in UK.

Travel Pack is a classic bottle? Really hard to compare and select one of these two options.
Best to have them both! Why? The answer is simple.

The bottle looks beautiful on women’s dressing, on the shelf in the bathroom or in the bedroom.
(1) Pleases the eye and evokes pleasant memories. Memories that year we gather in our heads.
They work for us as an anchor of humor, and the moment of spraying perfume is almost magical.

In a plastic container that is something like the Bottle. However, it is invisible to the user
and is therefore completely safe. This solution applied Gucci fashion house for the perfume Gucci Rush.
You could say that this was the designer was its precursor. Currently – in the United States – most fashion houses,
regardless of smell at Travel Pack. Europe in this regard remained firmly behind.

(2) And here the above-mentioned “bottle”, which in the case of opaque plastic simply can not see:

(3) Currently in the United States it is the most popular and best-selling solution.
First 100% safe, secondly, lightweight, and you can have it always with you – in your purse, traveling,
on a date or a business meeting your favorite fragrance with you. You do not have to be afraid,
that is broken, and its contents spill causing that others will take you for a walking perfume.
The effect of quite undesirable.

Travel Pack essence perfume 3G Magnetic Perfume is encased gold package that this is a very interesting
whole. But they can be easily removed. Then you will see a black plastic cup in the middle is the “bottle”
its structure modeled after the pioneer of this solution – Gucci Rush. The additional protection is a removable
plug-lock, to prevent you from accidentally pressing an atomizer, eg. In a purse or briefcase.

In addition, Travel Pack meets all the conditions for the perfect perfume store, but more on that in another post.

Here are the photos travel packs included in the offer 3G Magnetic Perfume. TRY NEW THINGS!